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Aboard the Wild Karrde


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The woman
European. French-English bilingual. Bisexual. Feminist. Open-minded.

The interests
S-F & fantasy. Travelling, so far: France, Italy, England, Ireland, Germany, USA, Australia, Singapore, Bali (Indonesia), Switzerland & Scotland. Making icons. Writing.

Friending policy
This journal is now friends only. All old fanart/fanfic posts and related posts (awards, sweet charity...) are still open. For new icons and other fannish creations, go to the_wild_karrde. So feel free to watch this new comm if you don't want to miss any of my creative work. If you friend my personal journal, I likely won't see it so you should send me a PM or comment in the post for friending at the top of my journal.

profile layout by insidethestorm

None of my icons/banners/headers/wallpapers may be altered in any way. Textless are not bases. None of my fan work may be reposted on other sites. My icons are only to be used on Live Journal and Dreamwidth.

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Resources for my graphic work:
- textures: so_out_of_ideas, icons_of_isis, wherescookie, magicprophecy, xiggy89x, ownthesunshine, rhcp_csi, bleeding_muse, nokiaangel, threeeyespei, flame_inside_me @ flamelove, perquisites, dissendiun, cookiestome, mellowmint, azuremonkey, endlessdeep, happy_harper13, spectrespecs, ziolola, daintydeers, innocent_lexys, avantgeeks, proverbsun, timetopretend20, creamuts, hgx, lifeisdolce, kelle, dreamsofkate, mugen_no_sora, starlit_designs, spiritcoda, 17tvfreek, misarte, sweet100x100, evelites, likewonderland, volkat91, regularamanda @ fragile_basket, drankmywar, kessha, nokitas @ aube_des_arts, vienna_blood, yuhne, wolfbane_icons, agent_sniper, iconite, insidethestorm, seldomspeaking, i_rise_inside, cellardooricons, icons_by_mea, some are my own (you can download some of my textures here).
- brushes: padabee, ownthesunshine, some are my own.
- caps: usually my own (I also make caps from the vids I icon with the permission of the vidder), or random images from around the net (useful places: Stargate Caps, Wookieepedia, Christian Bale Fan Photo Gallery). You can download some of the caps I made here. Many great caps found at gallicka.

Highlander Mood Theme by missfnb
Cameron Mitchell Mood Theme by twofordinner
Batman Mood Theme by lunar47
John Sheppard Mood Theme by dana_cz
Eric/Sookie Mood Theme by spikeshunny
Due South Fraser/RayK Mood Theme by icons_of_isis
Charles/Erik (& McFassy) Mood theme by cakehole_cat
Women of Downton Abbey Mood theme by kohler at ponchogoblins

Header by me. DO NOT TAKE!

Claim a Star Wars character at iam_sw. I am Luke Skywalker.

acting, anders, aragorn, ariadne/arthur, arrow, australia, bali, batman begins, battlestar galactica, ben browder, buffy the vampire slayer, callum keith rennie, cameron mitchell, captain america, chiana, christian bale, coffee, coldplay, dan clifford, daniel jackson, dark angel, derek hobbie klivian, doctor helm, downton abbey, due south, england, english, europe, farscape, felicity smoak, fili, france, fullmetal alchemist, garik face loran, gary oldman, grayson, han/leia, harry potter, helen magnus, helen magnus/nikola tesla, helo/athena, hermione granger, highlander, highlander the series, hugh jackman, icons, inception, indiana jones, james mcavoy, jane austen, jane eyre, jedi, john connor, john crichton, john sheppard, kara thrace, kara/anders, kara/leoben, kara/sam, kara/sam/leoben, kate freelander, kili, kyle reese, kyp durron, legacy of the force, leoben, leoben conoy, lightsaber, loki, lord of the rings, luke skywalker, luke/mara, lyon, man of steel, mara jade, methos, methos/amanda, michael fassbender, milk chocolate, movies, muse, music, nigel griffin, nightwish, nikola tesla, oliver queen, paint shop pro xi, peter wingfield, phonetics, pirates of the caribbean, princess leia organa solo, queen of swords, reading, richard armitage, rise of the machines, robert helm, sam anders, sanctuary, sarah connor, signal room, simon ross, sirius black, skyfall, space battles, star wars, starfighter, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, steve rogers, sweet charity, swimming, talon karrde, talon/shada, terminator 2 judgment day, terminator 3, the avengers, the corrs, the dark knight, the hobbit, the hour, the hunger games, the silmarillion, the terminator, thor, thorin oakenshield, tolkien, tom hiddleston, travelling, true blood, van helsing, vidding, vids, wallpapers, wolverine, wraith squadron, writing, x-men


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